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Many Networks. One Balance.

Many Networks: Your Beyonic account supports more than one network. No need to contract with multiple mobile payment networks and manage multiple connections.

One Balance Per Country: With Beyonic, there's no need to maintain a float balance for each network. Manage only one balance.

Automatic Network Detection: Just specify a phone number and Beyonic will automatically detect which network it belongs to.

Multi-Country: Easily manage mobile payments across multiple countries.

Supported Networks & Countries

Pay the Right Person Everytime.

Payee Verification: Beyonic pre-checks your payees to confirm that the phone numbers belong to them. Detect data entry mistakes or fraud. Prevent payments to wrong phone numbers, and reconciliation headaches.

Group Payees: Organize payees into unlimited groups. Load and pay groups in one go.

Sync Payees: Import payees from excel or your third party CRM or database. Use our API to keep payee data in sync & reduce data duplication.

Add Custom Data: Store extra payee information to match your organization needs.

Easy, Repeatable Bulk Payments.

Advanced Payment Editor: Beyonic's Excel-like payment editor lets you copy data from excel, drag to copy, redo and undo. Edit 50 payments or 500 payments with ease.

Withdrawal Fees Calculation: Decide whether to include withdrawal fees and Beyonic will automatically calculate them and add them to your payments.

Copy or Schedule Payments: Don't start payments from scratch. Copy & edit previous payments. Schedule payments to go out at future dates or to go out repeatedly.

Add Custom Data: Customize payment forms to include department codes, expense codes or any information your organization requires.

Organize, Control, Track.

Funds Accounts & Sub Organizations: Funds accounts allow you to split funds into different buckets. Sub organizations allow you to delegate full organizational access. Use these to manage projects, branches, grantees, regions, as you see fit.

Unlimited Approval Workflows: Setup unlimited levels of payment initiators and approvers. Have separate workflows per group, per intiator, per account or per sub-organization. Approvers get notified by email.

Comments and Attachments: Comments and attachments add context to payments. Use them for requisition forms, receipts, inquiries or clarifications.

Integration & APIs

Out of box integration with the software you use: Beyonic supports Zapier, which allows you to integrate with over 15 enterprise applications, including Salesforce, Xero, Quickbooks. Contact us to enable these integrations for you.

Client libraries: Beyonic has client libraries for multiple languages, which make it easy to get started. Just download the library and add it to your code-base.

Collect Funds via Mobile.

Multi Network Collections: Instantly deploy collection functionality across multiple networks with one-click configuration.

Pull Payments: Send payment requests to mobile. On supported networks, recipients just enter their PIN code to confirm the payment.

Instant Access to Funds: Funds are instantly accessible for payout via bank or mobile money.

Security & Compliance

Two Step Authentication & User Access Levels: Require two step authentication for all actions, or for only sensitive actions. User access is limited by multiple access levels or roles.

Bank Level Encryption & Backup: Data is backed up regularly and encrypted using bank level encryption both at rest and during data transfer. HTTPS & HTST are used to encrypt all data transfers.  

Secure, Compliant Data Centers: Beyonic's platform is hosted on distributed, secure data centers, using Amazon Web Services’ full range of security features. AWS is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, HIPAA compliant and ISO 9001:2008 compliant, among others. Governments, financial organizations and other security conscious enterprises use AWS worldwide.




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