Our story.
It all started in 2006...

It all started in 2006, when Luke, a software engineer in Kampala saw a nascent fintech space opening up in sub-Saharan Africa. Mobile phone penetration was increasing at a staggering pace, and a Kenyan firm called Safaricom was announcing the development of a new product called MPESA - a way to send and receive cash from any feature phone. Burgeoning tech, finance, and infrastructure sectors were intersecting with the youngest, fastest growing populations and economies in the world. Beyonic was established to support the growth of enterprises born out of ...

What We Do & Why

  • Payments are hard

    Payments are hard. Especially in emerging markets, and particularly in the last mile. There are a lot of things to get right, a lot of things to maintain. This is where our customers are, and where we work...

  • Payments are important

    And yet payments are part of life. Access to easy, safe payments helps us explore new opportunities, improves our health and livelihoods, leads to better education, cleaner energy ... a brighter future.

  • They can be easier

    This is what we do. Our mission is to makes last-mile digital payments in emerging markets easy, freeing our clients to focus on making their businesses and communities thrive.

  • Designed for and in E. Africa

    Since 2006, Beyonic has been helping businesses and organizations in E. Africa use technology to meet their goals. Today, we provide a simple, easy payments platform designed in and for emerging economies to enable clean, safe, transparent cashless management of project and enterprise budgets.

  • We strive to listen

    We're excited when we see all the ways in which our customers use Beyonic. From managing payroll to petty cash, collecting prepaid energy fees or insurance premiums, paying ride-sharing drivers or disbursing aid. We're happy when you're happy.

  • The One Wallet vision

    This is our vision - a world where our customers have access to one wallet. One balance, one platform one simple, cashless payment solution.