Cash use is costing your operation 15-20%.

Beyonic partners with the mobile money networks to deliver enhanced mobile money tools for business. See why more people are choosing Beyonic to help them switch to mobile.


Going mobile tripled Educate!’s impact.

Educate! works to transform the education system in Africa by developing young leaders and entrepreneurs. Funds To Phones ™ has allowed Educate! to focus on increasing the reach and impact of it’s programs by reducing transportation and per diem costs, thus increasing operational efficiency.


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Access to all features is provided at no extra charge

Cloud Based

Administer your organization’s account from any internet connected device using your browser. No special hardware or software is required.

Multiple Networks

Send payments to mobile phones on any supported networks. Funds To Phones supports MTN Uganda and Safaricom MPESA in Kenya.

Payment Scheduling

Deliver payments instantly or configure one-time or repetitive future payments to be sent automatically (Auto-Pay) or manually with reminders (Pay-On-Demand).

Sub Organizations

Delegate funds to sub organizations, sub departments or sub projects for distributed payments management. Access sub-organization transaction records for reporting and accountability.

Direct Debit

You can opt to set up direct debit support to transfer money from your bank either automatically or at the push of a button, to simplify the process of funding your payments.

Collaboration & Tracking

You can collaborate and attach supporting documentation, and add comments to each payment, and track previous attachments, comments, payment status, payer, approver and payee history per payment.

Accounting Integration

Funds-To-Phones ™ lets you export and sync transactions with your accounting software. Multiple formats are supported including Quickbooks and comma separated files.

APIs for developers

Funds-To-Phones provides APIs with allow you to exchange data with other systems in your organization.

Secure Access

Data is backed up regularly and encrypted using bank level encryption. User access is limited by roles and you are notified whenever sensitive changes are made to your account.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

  • Free Pilot Tier: Pilot Funds-To-Phones at no cost, with free equipment and support.
  • Pay for what you use: No setup, monthly or yearly fees. Simply pay a percentage when you add funds to your account.
  • All Inclusive: Fees includes all network fees and transfer charges needed to get your payments to your recipients.
  • Equipment & Support: We will help you get setup. We will provide sim-cards for your contacts and beneficiaries if needed, facilitate registration for mobile financial services and facilitate provision of handsets if needed.
  • What’s your Usecase? Contact Us For Custom Pricing.